Katanapim’s mission is to help brands, SMBs and wholesalers enhance their online (and offline) offerings and enable them to grow.

What is Katanapim?

Katanapim, headquartered in Leiden, Holland, was founded in 2017 when its parent company, Tritac (founded in 2002), realized there was a gap in the market for a reasonably priced and responsive product information management solution targeted at eCommerce operators. Katanapim’s mission is to help brands, SMBs and wholesalers enhance their online (and offline) offerings and enable them to grow.

What is Katanapim used for?

Katanapim is a cloud-based product information management solution used for businesses wanting to optimise their operations to enhance their eCommerce performance (B2B or B2C) by optimising internal collaboration, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and customer-facing product experiences.

Katanapim is noted for its scalable system and enables businesses to collect, check and publish product information consistently. Suppliers and product data can be managed to ensure a complete and consistent overview of products. Katana PIM gathers everything into a single system to oversee how complete product information is, where it is, and how best to deploy it.

Katanapim Features & Capabilities

Katanapim for eCommerce

KatanaPIM is a suitable tool for large and medium-sized companies, as well as start-ups wanting to scale and expand their eCommerce businesses. It helps with launching and running omnichannel by saving time and effort.

Katanapim helps eCommerce managers increase conversions with up-to-date product data throughout all channels. Additionally, it enables them to seamlessly collaborate with teams to devise high-quality product information content.

Marketplace managers can deliver consistent information on all sales channels and distribute channel-required data across all marketplaces.

Sales personnel can be aligned with ever-changing customer demands by reducing their time-to-market and providing compelling product information to reduce returns and increase customer trust and brand loyalty.

Katanapim PIM Solution

The katana PIM solution lets employees

  • edit product details, such as pricing, meta descriptions, slugs, product type, and images.
  • configure employee and supplier access rights based on specific product categories and brands
  • collaborate (in teams) with stakeholders by adding comments across multiple products

The incorporated dashboard enables supervisors to gain insights into published products, manufacturers, categories and offers oversight of unfinished tasks (or tasks in progress).

Katana PIM assists organisations in integrating with a range of third-party solutions, like SAP, Exact, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor.

Katanapim covers a range of functionalities which enable business users to manage and process product information for various purposes.

Examples include:

  • Core information – SKU, GTIN, title, name, and description
  • Channel-specific data – multilingual attributes, categories, and regulatory data
  • Technical information – warranties, dimensions, and material
  • Sales information – pricing and promotional offers
  • Marketing data – SEO, keywords, metadata
  • Miscellaneous data for rich description, usage and so on

Katanapim DAM Solution

Katanapim DAM solutions are able to collect and enrich multiple data to market products successfully and create a strong CX. This involves storing and deploying, among other assets:

Multimedia files: mages, videos, PDFs, attachments

Extra information: rich descriptions, usage data

Extra information: rich descriptions, usage data

Katanapim Workflows

Katana workflows place great emphasis on productivity and efficiency. Its systems aim to empower:

  • coordination and fast execution of tasks to avoid delays in TTM
  • Enhancement of team workflow agility
  • Organisation of internal workflows
  • seamless team collaboration in creating and syndicating excellent product information content

Katanapim Syndication

Katanapim syndication covers all the bases when ensuring product information reaches the end consumer in the compelling, enriched, contextualised, and personalised form desired.

The stated aim of Katanapim syndication is to:

  • Provide the correct information to all resellers and partner platforms and marketplaces
  • Connect with online and print channels to share complete product catalogs
  • Maintain all product information consistent and complete across all sales channels and touchpoints

Katanapim Onboarding

The Katana PIM solution offers a set of tools to streamline internal processes using automation. Users can import various data formats (such as Excel or CSV) from suppliers, ERP and so on, centralise those data, establish full control over them for completion & quality, and use advanced searches to find what they need when they need it. It uses its import and Automap features to automate all data flow with no coding required.

Katanapim Migration

Katana migration services are not explicitly highlighted, but the network of partners they use include consultancies specialising in data migration micro-projects, or those who provide advice and support for the entire PIM implementation project. Katana’s PIM team also support PIM strategy and the implementation process, claiming that their PIM solution can be operational in less than two months.

Katanapim Data Modelling

Katana data modelling is as adaptable and flexible as modern eCommerce operations require. It can map into the PIM any onboarded product’s attribute fields from its original file format. With the recent introduction of the Katanapim Automapping function, this task is automated, so all files can be automatically mapped and organised.

Katanapim Support

Katana PIM offers support included with purchase. The company outlines a clearly defined process for ‘onboarding’ the Katana PIM solution.

At an operational level, Katana PIM offers online support via chat, as well as a phone helpline. It provides training in the form of documentation, live online sessions, in person visits, and video tutorials.

Katanapim integrations

Katana integrations include a wide range of third-party apps to connect Katanapim to the most prominent services and strengthen customers’ e-commerce business models. These collaborations enable a fully tailored and customised experience for both users and target consumers. The company outlines the key benefits of Katanapim integrations: accessibility and coordination, cost-effectiveness, streamlining through automation, and the consequent efficiency and effectiveness

Katanapim partners

As mentioned in the ‘Katanapim integrations’ section above, Katanapim partners offer a network of companies which will help to grow all aspects of a given customer’s online business. It can be characterised as a supportive ecosystem of partners, although limited in number compared to other vendors.

Katanapim pricing

Katana PIM does not have a free version but does offer a free trial. Katana PIM pricing starts at US$450.00/month. Information is scarce, so contacting Katanapim directly is the best option for a customised quote.

Katanapim reviews

  • user friendly PIM system
  • simple to manage product data, even if inexperienced in product information management
  • Fast, with a very good search functionality
  • Responsive and helpful customer support.
  • Easy-to-use ux/ui
  • affordable price range, allowing for a flexible and scalable system.

Review sites give the following scores for the Katanapim solution:
Capterra 4.5
A2IS 4.2
GetApp 4.5

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