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What is Product Information Management (PIM)?

Product Information Management, or PIM, is the software and processes used to manage all information required to market and sell products through distributors, trading partners & consumer sales channels. A PIM solution is a dedicated software platform providing a central hub for managing product data and orchestrating product information processes.

PIM solutions allow retailers, brands and manufacturers to control and optimise product information. Benefits include faster time to market for new products, more automated processes saving time and effort in managing product data, improvements in customer experience through better data quality. Businesses can also take their products to new channels and markets more easily.

PIM Solution Providers build and deploy dedicated software platforms for managing product data. There are over 180 PIM solution providers worldwide. Some providers specialise in certain features such as Product Experience Management (PXM), Master Data Management (MDM) and Syndication.

For PIM software solution comparison, PIM solutions are compared based on their capabilities and features such as data modelling, workflows, syndication, supplier portal. 

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