Salsify is the world’s leading Product Experience Management platform, built for brand manufacturers to address the demands of the b2b and b2c retail and distribution landscape. Salsify empowers brands to onboard, manage and syndicate product data with user friendly features & unparalleled ease.

What is Syndigo

Syndigo is headquartered in Chicago and services thousands of global brands and manufacturers as well as over 1,700 retailers and distributors across a wide range of industries. Syndigo delivers extensive SaaS services, driven by a single unified platform powered by its proprietory Active Content Engine. The Syndigo PIM that assists in managing product data, content, and experiences across product-centric businesses.

What is Syndigo used for?

The Syndigo PIM solution delivers a seamless route between product data management and the customer experience to create contextualised and personalised, product content. It offers an end-to-end product content management platform with capabilities across MDM (Master Data Management), PIM, DAM (Digital Asset management), Syndication and Analytics.

Syndigo recently acquired Riversand, which is a leading provider of cloud-native SaaS solutions for data. Its Master Data Experience Platform (MDxP) allows businesses to add value to their product data through intelligent insights, automation, and multi-domain solutions.

Customers of Riversand & Syndigo ranges from small, medium to large business customers and is available for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. It sells itself on the following four pillars – planning for onboarding, data sourcing, product data enrichment, and Governance of data assets using business KPIs and intelligent automation.

Syndigo Features & Capabilities

Syndigo for eCommerce

Syndigo and eCommerce are closely aligned in that its PIM application sits on top of a powerful Master Data Management (MDM) platform to enable connectivity with other data domains and emerging technologies. It provides future-proofed data management solutions to support its base PIM capabilities. It connects not only to marketing, content management, and DAM, but also enables companies to reach company objectives by being data-centric as opposed to application-centric.

Syndigo eCommerce offers the first Active Content Engine on the market. This engine powers a continual flow of data and content throughout the eCommerce ecosystem, thereby speeding up information to ensure optimal sales on every digital shelf as well as harnessing the exponential data growth occurring nowadays. It houses reports and other relevant insights in a single, easy-to-navigate location.

Syndigo PIM Solution

The Syndigo PIM solution facilitates data-driven decision-making to drive innovation by using customer feedback as part of their product introduction and update cycles. Syndigo PIM also helps to drive revenue by accelerating time to market, cutting marketing costs, identifying, and mitigating risks, and predicting potential supply chain problems.

The Syndigo PIM solution recognises that in a constantly changing global eCommerce environment, product-centric companies need agile business processes and workflows which flex and adapt by approaching product data as an asset. As such, it offers:

  • integrations which connect easily with tech stacks like MDM and ERP systems
  • onboarding protocols which include workflows, validation, and taxonomies for individual retailers
  • flexible data modelling for ongoing formatting and updating
  • direct syndication to channels in whatever format they demand
  • sales analytics to optimise content in real time

Syndigo DAM Solution

Using its Active Content Management system, the Syndigo DAM solution maintains a repository of digital assets like documents, videos, or 3D visualizations. creates the high-quality core content required by retailers and distributors and demanded by consumers, so you can count on a continual flow of verified data regarding high-quality, fit-for-purpose visual assets for both print and digital marketing, eCommerce, or physical store. The Syndigo Marketplace also claims to be the largest active database of standardised and verified content in the world.

Syndigo Workflows

Syndigo workflows management recognises that a modern and future-oriented PIM solution should support the entire loop of product experience, from core product data and supporting enriched content to the other side of the loop – fast, efficient workflows, smooth syndication, and actionable insights.

Syndigo workflow management helps to reduces the number of processes needed to manage product content effectively. Easy notifications and alerts for key role-based team members, ensure product attributes are input, content can be reviewed and approved, and quality product data is thus published in the timeliest way.

Syndigo Syndication

Syndigo has ongoing relations with over 1,700 retailers, an industry best for connected syndication networks. Its connected platform is used by suppliers and retailers, which means a continual flow of information, to receiver standards, in nearly real-time. A global network of trading partners also means supplier content to can be syndicated across multiple markets and territories.

The Syndigo Active Content Engine also ensures that data meets partners’ standards in terms of quality, distribution, and industry-specific data formats like GDSN, EUDAMED, and PIES

Syndigo Onboarding

The Syndigo onboarding platform is equipped with the core data points required for standardising supplier onboarding, such brand names and product images. This assists retailers in managing the sourcing of new vendors.

Syndigo onboarding capacities are enhanced by the large (and growing) number of relationships with suppliers. This ensures that vendor onboarding product data is ready promptly for retailers, and that content is complete and accurate. This eases the entire onboarding process for brands/manufacturers, client recipients and ultimately, retailers.

Syndigo Migration

Regarding Syndigo migration, its Active Content Engine has capabilities for cleansing product data to void duplicated content and inconsistencies. Additionally, Syndigo’s partnerships with experienced and successful vendors extends to expert product data management consultancies with migration and implementation capabilities. This ensures that the inherent risks involved in any migration project are minimised. Consultant partners will guide clients in auditing, cleansing, verifying, and monitoring product information quality to make sure it is up to date, consistent, accurate, and reliable.

Syndigo Data Modelling

Syndigo data modelling supports various file formats, as well as automatically adding descriptive metadata such as upload date and file sizes. It can also extract metadata from XMP, IPTC and EXIF files, and manually or automatically convert files into different sizes or types within the DAM.

Syndigo data modelling also tracks incremental changes in versions of a given asset, and will automatically archive, delete, or deny access to those assets which have become obsolete or outdated.

Syndigo Support

Syndigo support scores highly in product reviews. In several use cases, support staff responded quickly and resolved a range of issues. They are also ready to collaborate with all parties involved (be it supplier, client company or retailer) to get to the root of a problem rather than fobbing the client off or passing the problem to the dissatisfied recipient (the retailer).

If and when changes or updates occur, Syndigo support. Helps to make them uncomplicated and easy to execute, either in-house or with external help.

Syndigo integrations

Syndigo integrations are underpinned by a support team with a fundamental understanding of delivery formats, enabling them to accommodate specific recipients. 

The Syndigo Marketplace offers high-quality, out-of-the-box product information and multi-media assets, as well as ready-to-use connectors for marketplaces, data pools, and eCommerce platforms.

Syndigo partners

Syndigo partners include technology partners, who assist with transferring the MDM and PIM models into working solutions which are fully integrated with existing tech stacks. Its worldwide network of PIM and MDM solution integrator partners are specialist consultancies who can provide sector-specific expertise with a multitude of use cases to draw on for support insights.

Syndigo pricing

Syndigo pricing is unavailable as it has not provided pricing information for its active engine MDM and PIM products. This is widespread practice for PIM and MDM vendors.

Syndigo reviews

Syndigo reviews are generally highly positive. Its support scores highly, as does its Ease of Data Model creation and modification. Companies using large numbers of suppliers find it easy to use, and its MDM rates highly for managing a superset of product data for ERP, CRM and so on.

Syndigo reviews also note that it was recognised in the ‘leader’ category in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant for MDM solutions, as well as rating as the highest for user adoption in Winter 2021-22. Forrester Wave also ranked it as ‘leader’ for Product Information management in 2021, alongside ‘best enterprise support’ in winter 2021-22.

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