The Best PIM Software

Our curated guide to the leading PIM software vendors globally, vetted and tested by All vendors on this page have been reviewed and tested by our PIM experts. 

What is PIM Software?

Product Information Management (PIM) software is a dedicated solution for managing product information and associated business processes. It providers a centralised hub for product information across an organisation such as product records, SKUs, parts & materials, components and product relationships.

What is PIM Software used for?

PIM software is used to govern and organise an organisations entire catalogue of products to guarantee a single, accurate and trustworthy version of each product record. PIM software enables businesses to onboard and acquire product data from suppliers and vendors and syndicate this product information to channels, trading partners and customers.

Which PIM software features and capabilities are the most important?

PIM software should be compared based on the features and capabilities each software offers. The most important features are:

Data Modelling

The PIM software needs to support your product information requirements including attributes, variants & hierarchies.


PIM software should support workflows to support your business users with New Product Introduction & Enrichment.


The solution should allow channel publication of product information either automated or through exports.


PIM solutions must allow easy onboarding of data from suppliers, vendors or manufacturer data sources.

Digital Asset Management

Added: Most PIMs should have basic digital asset management capabilities built in.


PIM should support your eCommerce platform, with prebuilt connectors to platforms like Big Commerce, Salesforce Commerce, Magento, Shopify.


A PIM should include support for the software in the annual subscription fees.


The PIM should come with prebuilt connectors and integrations to ERP, eCommerce, Channels.


A PIM software vendor should have a mature partner ecosystem to help you implement the solution.

How to choose the best PIM software for your company

1. Define your requirements

Are you a retailer, distributor, brand or manufacturer business? Identify the top requirements for a PIM solution to meet the needs of your business. Document requirements for the different features and capabilities including onboarding, enrichment & syndication as well as the product types and categories you will store in the PIM.

2. Shortlist PIM software vendors

Use our PIM software guides to shortlist the best PIM solutions to meet your requirements. If you are not sure then reach out to our PIM experts to guide you.

3. Organise PIM software demos

Invite your chosen PIM vendor shortlist to demonstrate their software, by giving each participant the same requirements and examples of your existing product data.

4. Score the PIM software

Score the PIM software based on how well they met the requirements and how they performed in the demo. have a proprietary scoring method so please reach out to us if you require support.

Choosing a PIM software correctly can save you a lot of time and money

You can avoid easy mistakes when choosing the right PIM software. Software vendors will promise you they can meet every requirement, in reality it is not the case. Mistakes to avoid include: 

  • selecting a platform without the right features and capabilities
  • choosing a software that does not offer free upgrades
  • selecting a solution that requires heavy customisation
  • picking a solution that doesn’t offer a demonstrable roadmap of regular feature updates
  • selecting a platform that is not SaaS or cloud native
  • picking a platform that is not scalable to your product volumes
  • choosing a vendor that cannot easily map and syndicate data to your required channels
  • selecting platforms with poor partner networks
  • lack of onboarding capability
  • poor reviews and customer case studies

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