Akeneo is regarded as a global leader in PXM and PIM solutions for various seller profiles to deliver a robust omnichannel CX, improve product data quality and simplify product catalog management.

What is Akeneo

Akeneo was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Nantes, France. It has 200+ employees and offices across Europe and the USA. Akeneo develops product information management (PIM) and product data intelligence software. It has over five hundred enterprise customers, and downloads of its free, open-source PIM Community Edition number over 80,000. It has a network of over 170 partners.

What is Akeneo used for?

Akeneo is regarded as a global leader in PXM and PIM solutions for various seller profiles to deliver a robust omnichannel CX, improve product data quality and simplify product catalog management. Akeneo PIM is cloud-based and suitable for B2B and B2C retailers and brands. Its agility enables them to deploy relevant and up-to-date content – both to improve team productivity and boost the customer experience. Akeneo PIM connects with several third-party extensions and marketplaces including Salesforce, Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify.

Akeneo Features & Capabilities

Akeneo for eCommerce

The Akeneo eCommerce offering provides a user-friendly PIM solution to enhance information and SEO tags, produce the best catalogs for eCommerce strategies, and deliver product experiences to increase conversions, reduce returns. Product information processes are optimised regardless of the number of catalogs being managed.

Akeneo PIM’s API integrations offer flexibility and robustness within the eCommerce ecosystem, making it possible for product, marketing, and eCommerce teams to deliver premium product and customer experiences with an omnichannel approach. Additionally, product data processes are enhanced and optimised regardless of the volume of catalogs managed.

Akeneo PIM Solution

The Akeneo PIM solution is built to be a user-optimised interface for internal teams to onboard, enrich, and distribute both B2B-focused product information (such as technical specifications and usage instructions, and the kind of compelling, emotional ‘storytelling’ which appeals more to the B2C customer.

Akeneo’s PIM exists to create correct, complete, and distribute consistent product information, as well as to manage images, video, and other media via its Asset Management capabilities.

Akeneo DAM Solution

High quality product pictures, photos, guides, manuals, and how-to videos are a influential component of the product experience and the enterprise version of Akeneo PIM works together with its asset manager (DAM) to guarantee that the right media assets can be organised, enriched, linked, and transformed for all products whenever and wherever required.

Akeneo Workflows

Akeneo workflows target validation workflow and offers a Collaborative Teamwork Assistant to help product data flow smoothly to all sales channels. It also offers the capacity for easy-to-build workflows across diverse departments to enable a problem-free flow of information across all business users involved in product data management and deployment.

The collaborative workflow permits approval or rejection of drafts and verified information can easily be shared with external systems.

Akeneo Syndication

Akeneo syndication offers Industry-leading technology to syndicate product data and assets from Akeneo PIM across all unowned, first-party, third-party, and marketing channels. As the business expands, it can add new channels for any product activation strategy – a robust foundation to feed each unique product information destination.

Akeneo Onboarding

Retailers often onboard thousands of products from thousands of suppliers as well as offering seasonal launches. Akeneo Onboarding addresses this with its proprietary onboarder, which removes dependency on suppliers and manufacturers and allows businesses to create scalable workflows to onboard product data from those sources.

Akeneo Onboarder is a secure platform for collecting information speedily. It permits standardisation of the onboarding process, helping to accelerate the processes which lead to high quality and accurate product listings.

Akeneo Migration

Akeneo migration is supported by the collaborative and innovative relationships it has with its solution partners. The Akeneo Partner Portal ensures transparent and up to date flows of information between the technology and business sides of any migration project. Product data migration projects involving legacy platforms and data are notoriously risky, but the expertise of solution partners alongside Akeneo PIM makes new eCommerce platform deployment more controllable. That means a faster and simpler migration process and clear positioning for future expansion and growth using the PIM.

Akeneo Data Modelling

The aim of Akeneo data modelling is to make it easy to understand and very flexible. It adapts to the client product organisation and processes, rather than the client needing to change. Akeneo PIM is the first open-source PIM designed for non-technical users, so it offers a multitude of connectors and integrators for importing and exporting data. As such, it is a tool for productive collaboration, be it the free community version or the more sophisticated enterprise version. The model is defined within the PIM to extract the precise information it needs from each supplier or content source

Akeneo Support

Akeneo support deploys a team of Customer Success experts, who offer advice and help from PIM implementation to operational launch, and beyond. Additionally, Akeneo partner consultants work with integrator teams to ensure a successful migration, ETL, testing and go-live. Training support outlines key concepts and helps client teams learn how to refine enrichment processes. Consultant partners are also there to guide in conceptualising and scoping PIM projects in alignment with client business goals. Akeneo is noted for its strong SLAs to guide clients around any queries they have in the post-go-live period.

Clients are promptly informed of and get access to the latest improvements to the PIM, alongside regular and automatic updates.

Akeneo integrations

Akeneo integrations are relatively straightforward, as the API-centred cloud capabilities connect the Akeneo PIM easily with existing ecosystems. It offers a wide network of Akeneo-specific PIM integrations, as well as being easily connectable to the best-known eCommerce platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce and Amazon.

Akeneo partners

Akeneo partners are available around the world and support Akeneo PIM projects. Solution partners offer expertise in business and taxonomy issues and can also deliver seamless integrations between Akeneo and legacy tech stacks. Once the Akeneo PIM has gone live, Akeneo partners continue to train and support users and other stakeholders.

Akeneo Technology Partners guide clients in extending an Akeneo PIM’s functionality, with more features and third-party apps. Partners have expertise in eCommerce, print, and translation, equipping clients with the tools they need to craft high-quality, customised solutions.

Akeneo pricing

Akeneo offers a free demo, but the customised pricing of their enterprise version depends on client needs and circumstances. The open source, free community edition has more limitations on features.

Akeneo reviews

Akeneo reviews from users are generally very positive and score highly in several areas, such as: Ease of multi-channel media and product information management
  • Range of languages for scaling to new territories.
  • Capabilities to create multiple category trees for large volumes of product data.
  • Simple transformation rules, where complicated operations are unnecessary due to largely automated processes.
  • Wide range of API capabilities
  • There are a few minor quibbles, such as a perceived need to improve UI interactions, but Akeneo is noted by several user reviews as being proactive regarding working towards improvements on the road map

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