Salsify is the world’s leading Product Experience Management platform, built for brand manufacturers to address the demands of the b2b and b2c retail and distribution landscape. Salsify empowers brands to onboard, manage and syndicate product data with user friendly features & unparalleled ease.

What is Salsify

What is Salsify? It was founded in 2012 and is based in downtown Boston. It is a cloud-based (SaaS)- management system for product content and works with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to enable them to manage content and communication in their eCommerce operations. Forrester’s PIM Wave for Q2 2021 answers the question “What is Salsify” pretty succinctly: it is identified as a leader – a “visionary and fast mover in the PIM space”.  Notable brands using Salsify include Bosch, GSK, Coca-Cola, and Fruit of the Loom.

What is Salsify used for?

When we look at what is Salsify used for, their PXM solution is based on the premise that to win in a fiercely competitive eCommerce ecosystem, companies must have control over their digital shelf.

Therefore, their sales pitch focuses strongly on enhancing performance on the digital shelf (the array of rapidly evolving and diverse digital touchpoints which customers use to engage with brands, and to search for, find, research, and buy products).

Salsify Features & Capabilities

Salsify for eCommerce

Salsify CommerceXM Network is the only unified, continuously adaptive system of record for both supplier and retailer product data.

Salsify and eCommerce go hand in hand with its Product Experience Management (ProductXM) platform. This integrates three central components: PIM, DAM (digital Asset Manager) and Experience Builder, and its commerce capabilities are designed to facilitate sales across retailer/distributor channels, as well as marketplaces, social commerce, and direct-to-consumer (D2C) sites.

Salsify PIM Solution

Salsify’s PIM solution is a powerful way of managing the PX (Product experience) management platform, as it is combined with DAM capabilities, thus standing out as the industry’s broadest toolbox for the eCommerce ecosystem.

It offers:

  •         Import and export functions
  •         Workflow Management
  •         User and Role access management
  •         Customisable brand portal

Salsify PIM solution can apply governance rules and structure to the data storedstrored, to guarantee high quality standards are maintained through the lifecycle – from creation to review and transformation, to appearing live on a sales channel endpoint. The PIM functionalities enable maintenance of a centralised product information hub, alongside channel-specific versions of product content. Channel-by-channel readiness alerts quickly inform teams when product information is suitably prepared for publication.

Salsify Workflows

Salsify Workflows enable brands to manage cross-functional processes and monitor teams’ task progress. Salsify Insights enhances workflow tasks, resulting in measurably faster speed market and improved sales opportunities.

Salsify workflows use calculated properties, which are easy to build and use and enhance workflow efficiency.

Salsify Syndication

Using Salsify syndication, business users can easily submit products or export product import sheets to send to customers, making it easy to upload newly launched items as well as updating existing products. A Salsify PIM solution maps and transforms core product data to the target schema of each channel destination to ensure content remains consistent and accurate across every touchpoint. It also ensures strict compliance with the requirements of all channels and best practices.

Salsify Onboarding

Salsify onboarding includes a flexible data model and offers a streamlined import process to pinpoint the precise data to be uploaded or modified. Companies can use Salsify onboarding to import product data to the platform faster without time being wasted on schema planning, enormous spreadsheets, complex data migrations or downtime.

Salsify Migration​

Salsify migration is serviced by specialist partner organisations with the required expertise to carry out an audit on existing product data, cleanse and normalise where needed and deliver an efficient ETL (Extract-Transfer-Load) process. They will also advise and act on providing the suitable tools for cleaning product data to avoid duplicate information and inconsistencies.

Salsify Data Modelling

Salsify data modelling uses the PIM to map and transform core product data to multiple target schema for channels, meaning that content stays consistent and accurate across every single channel. It also complies strictly with each set of channel requirements and best practices.

Salsify data modelling offers the basic hierarchical data modelling, widely used by product-centric companies, which require very high performance and availability of apps. Product relationships form a tree-like model.

Salsify Support

Salsify support offers and extensive list of assistance and guidance for new PIM users:

  •         Implementation Services
  •         Configuration Services
  •         Training Services
  •         Workshop Services
  •         Custom Development Services
  •         Trusted Advisor Services
  •         Expert Professional Services
  •         Supplier Onboarding Services

There is also an extensive Salsify support knowledge bank on its website with downloadables and up-to-date blogs on a range of subjects and use cases.

Salsify integrations

Salsify integrations score strongly in all areas. For example, they use connectors to provide as much information to the brands as the endpoint will permit, extracting critical insights that generate clear and actionable feedback.

Another Salsify integration is the use of automated retail schema updates, which extract attribute requirements from the endpoint and proactively identify those requirements in a standardised and easily understandable form. Digital assets can automatically be integrated into marketing workflows, web content management platforms and marketing technologies for e-commerce software.

Salsify integrations offer detailed guides, video tutorials and other resources to enable a fast learning curve for supplier XM integrations.

Salsify partners

Salsify partners with more than thirty of the world’s top retailers, technology platforms, agencies, and consultancies. Salsify partners include PIM consultancies who specialise in all aspects of a PIM implementation as well as managed services. Salsify partners help to measure success and target investments into complex initiatives spanning people and teams, processes, and technology solutions. Technology is only part of the picture as far as partners are concerned. They help to open up strategic options through improvements in data architecture layers and application alignment with business objectives.

Salsify pricing

Salsify offers a free trial, but Salsify pricing is not provided for its Commerce XM platform. Potential customers are advised to contact Salsify Commerce Experience Management Platform to obtain current pricing. Of the limited references to pricing in reviews, the descriptor most used about Salsify pricing is ‘competitive’.

Salsify reviews

Salsify reviews are largely positive, with a few minor quibbles about certain parts of its offer. A sample of Salsify reviews indicates that there is praise for Salsify PIM’s flexibility and user experience, and beyond the functionality, all references show buy-in to where Salsify is moving strategically. Salsify PIM is well suited for product-centric companies that want a state-of-the-art PIM and who recognise product data as a key lever in ramping up sales on their digital shelves. Salsify reviews praise the logical and straightforward navigation of media catalogs, with visual file hierarchies and customisable thumbnail/filename displays.

Salsify competitors

Salsify competitors are limited to those vendors whose products are most similar in terms of key features and benefits. The principal alternatives are:

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