An all-in-one cloud solution which allows retailers and brands to create cutting-edge product experiences.

What is Contentserv?

Founded in 1999, Contentserv is a Swiss company, headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. It has over 300 customers worldwide and operates across Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. Contentserv’s customers come from various industries and range from small to mid-size and enterprise in volume.

What is Contentserv used for?

Concerning what Contentserv is used for primarily, its Product Experience Cloud, is the stand-out product. It is an all-in-one cloud solution which allows retailers and brands to create cutting-edge product experiences based on exploiting the potential of advanced technologies.

Its three-pronged approach aims to:
  • Centralise product information by importing and managing product data from multiple sources, formats, and systems
  • Streamline business operations by eliminating data silos and consolidating diverse and duplicated processes
  • Deliver product-centric experiences by managing and enriching high-quality product data to craft omnichannel product experiences across all customer touchpoints and sales channels
  • Contentserv Features & Capabilities

    Contentserv for eCommerce

    Contentserv eCommerce strategy works on the premise that buyer journeys are far more non-linear than previously, and frequently combine a variety of offline and online touchpoints.

    The Contentserv PIM platform manages these channel requirements using automated workflows and an approach characterised as ‘create once and publish to many’, so as to accelerate the processes needed.

    To provide a seamless product experience, this rapid process of publishing channel-ready product content to whichever online and offline sales channels also aims to create a consistent product experience.

    By streamlining the localisation and translation of multilingual product content in languages and brands, the Contentserv PIM is agile in adapting to new markets, so it is equipped to manage localisation of attributes, digital assets, and enriched content like units of measurement, currencies, and more.

    Contentserv’s PIM thus boosts brand growth by improving brand consistency and giving eCommerce, marketing, and sales teams the quickest possible access to up-to-date digital content, guaranteeing that the CX is on-brand every time.

    Contentserv PIM Solution

    The Contentserv PIM solution is based on the principles of eliminating data silos and consolidating diverse and duplicated processes to optimise workflow management. From a brief overview of the Contentserv PIM solution, the following features stand out:
  • Rapid guided onboarding and syndication of product data, digital assets, and files
  • A flexible multi-channel data model to ensure a channel specific PX
  • workflows which are integrated for automated business processes and collaboration among teams
  • Capacity to link product relationships, boosting upselling, cross-selling and bundle creation
  • A marketing experience portal to quickly ‘search and share’ all product content
  • Availability of ‘smart’ documents for rapidly sourcing product data sheets
  • Full connectivity to digital ecosystems and all commerce channels (physical and digital)
  • Tools for data quality analytics to gauge data completeness and accuracy
  • Permissions and roles to police access, viewing and editing rights
  • Security and reliability guaranteed with ISO 27001 certification
  • Contentserv DAM Solution

    Contentserv DAM solutions let businesses edit and share pre-approved assets to satisfy the needs of any given language or market. Moreover, these digital assets can be distributed easily to internal teams worldwide. That way, designers focus on creating and repurposing digital assets and enriched information rather than instead of wasting time recreating or finding them.

    Contentserv Workflows

    Managing and publishing thousands of data sets must be automated, and a critical requirement is workflow management. Contentserv workflows allow users to set and control workflow to verify data quality before publishing. Set-ups are simple and while users collaborate on enrichment, the system works in the background. Sample features include the dashboard, task view, previews, and notifications

    Contentserv Syndication

    Distributing your product content and digital assets used to be labour-intensive and lengthy, but Contentserv syndication automates this process to save time and resources and focus on creating content. Contentserv syndication allows businesses to:

    Meet channel-specific requirements – distributing catalogs and digital assets to retailers and commerce channels using pre-configured templates and out-of-the-box connectors.

    Integrate with marketplaces to increase visibility by integrating catalogs with key marketplaces like Amazon, Google Shopping, or eBay

    Manage product feeds – feeding enriched content to multiple locations, with the capacity update when changes are needed

    Contentserv Onboarding

    Contentserv onboarding enables the business to do the following

    Streamline product data consolidation – onboarding of product data and digital assets Seamlessly from multiple sources, systems, and formats to eliminate manual tasks when collecting, managing, and scaling product information.

    Improve data quality – using automated workflows to deduplicate, consolidate, normalise, and validate product data so it conforms to pre-established quality standards and structure.

    Speed up time-to-market – end-to-end digital supply chain is accelerated with fast onboarding, data transformation and mapping, alongside automated workflows and rapid publishing and syndication.

    Contentserv Layer Migration

    Contentserv migration services are not provided directly, but by its a partner network, which covers three continents. Contentserv migration and implementation partners are highly experienced and well-versed in the Contentserv PIM. They provide on-site and virtual support across all global markets and have delivered many successful implementations.

    Contentserv Data Modelling

    Contentserv data modelling tackles the issues of complex data models and low performance, often a bugbear for organisational data management. Contentserv’s headless integration enables clients’ system architecture to give quick and secure access to product data, to create and manage large volumes of content and easily deliver it to all channels. 

    Contentserv Support

    Contentserv support offers its Product Experience Community is here to support customers by providing insights and sharing advice on how to extract maximum benefit from the Contentserv solution. It lets customers:

  • Easily connect with Contentserv’s other customers and partners
  • Expand their network and exchange experiences to increase the knowledge bank
  • Learn about features, solutions, and new releases

  • Additionally, the Contentserv Academy offers access to an extensive range of training, tailored to provide the right knowledge to the right people. Users can select courses based on job function, role, and level of expertise, allowing people to follow diverse learning paths Contentserv support also offers its Standard Training Program to help strengthen users’ knowledge base before they move onto more advanced subject areas, developing a path towards expertise in the Contentserv solution.

    Contentserv integrations

    Contentserv offers the Contentserv Marketplace as a resource for finding integrations and connectors to add to the value of product data through adding modular extensions to the base functionalities. Examples of Contentserv integrations for eCommerce platforms are translation and taxonomy. Technology partners are also a key part of Contentserv integrations. They add value to Contentserv’s product and services by running a program of ongoing innovation and development in complementary features, connectors, and add-ons to extend the functionality of the PIM solution.

    Contentserv partners

    Contentserv partners can be found all over the world, as the company has been building a versatile network of trusted collaborators who understand and can address whatever the needs of international customers may be.

    Contentserv pricing

    Like most other vendors of PIM and MDM solutions, Contentserv pricing is not listed specifically. They recommend contacting the company to get the most accurate quote possible. Furthermore, as modern PIM software tends to sell in modules of functional components, pricing is dependent on the modules, capabilities, number of users or connectors a company needs. The Contentserv pricing structure works on a subscription basis, and while here is no free version of the Contentserv PIM platform, a free thirty-day trial is offered.

    Contentserv reviews

    Contentserv reviews are largely favourable, with several customer testimonials highlighted on its site. Examples of praise include:

  • Enabling companies and retailers to provide a platform for marketing and engages their user.
  • easy to use, with detailed features and instructions
  • fast and efficient in creating an omnichannel experience for shoppers which can incorporate in-person sales and retail experiences

  • The only observations focusing on negative aspects noted that Contentserv PIM might be difficult to use for smaller companies with fewer resources or lack of familiarity with digital branding and marketing Moreover, the Contentserv PIM has gained recognition from industry experts. In the Gartner Peer Insights for 2021, customers rated Contentserv 4.8 / 5. It was also identified as a ‘Strong Performer’ in The Forrester Wave Product Information Management Solutions, second quarter, 2021.

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