Stibo Systems specialises in Product Master Data Management (MDM) which has product information management (PIM) at its core, allowing businesses to create a centralised single repository of high-quality product data to share and use with teams, processes, systems, business partners and consumers.

What is Stibo

The Stibo Group is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, and sells information management systems for business operations. It operates internationally through subsidiaries in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Stibo Systems specialises in Product Master Data Management (MDM) which has product information management (PIM) at its core, allowing businesses to create a centralised single repository of high-quality product data to share and use with teams, processes, systems, business partners and consumers.

Its Product MDM provides a single source for governance, compliance, and data integrity, all of which power operational efficiency and enhanced product experiences, as well as creating a solid foundation for any data-driven, product-centric business.

What is Stibo used for?

Stibo Systems is a solution provider which enables businesses to add strategic value to their product data to drive growth and work more efficiently. It is used in the retailing, brand manufacturing, and other sectors to support three areas:

Connecting data – eliminating siloed data by aggregating product, customer, location, supplier, and other master data in a single cloud-native SaaS

Managing data – ensuring data quality and governance to improve operational agility and efficiency, as well as deliver actionable insights across various data types

Sharing data – synchronising and syndicating master data over multiple domains and data ecosystems to drive collaboration, digital transformation, and high-quality customer experiences.

Stibo Features & Capabilities

Stibo for eCommerce

Ongoing disruptions in the global supply chain have given customers many opportunities to test new retail channels and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. They’ve changed routine purchase behaviours, testing new experiences, delivery methods and return policies. Stibo and eCommerce fit together perfectly, as the multi-domain MDM solution they provide has a PIM capacity layered on top to create a 360-degree view of product data. The key to success in eCommerce lies in omnichannel services and an outstanding customer experience. Stibo’s expertise in management, storage, integration, and deployment of high-quality data products embeds its services in the best practices of eCommerce.

Salsify PIM Solution

Stibo’s PIM for Retail is a product information management solution accelerator which can be deployed rapidly. It uses predefined data models, business rules and processes across retail-specific modules to drive faster time to value creation for internal users and for the customer experience.

As a cloud-native product information management solution, Stibo PIM solution is easy to implement for core retail data. It is part of Stibo’s industry-leading MDM platform and offers a range of preconfigured retail-enhanced data models, business rules, dashboards, and workflows to onboard, manage, process, and distribute product data which ticks all quality metrics boxes. Thus, it enables retailers to confidently deploy agile, collaborative, efficient and highly effective omnichannel processes.

Stibo DAM Solution

Stibo DAM solutions are covered by the inclusion of an integrated DAM, which powers the storage and retrieval of ever larger amounts of differing types of unstructured data – images, audio, video, animations, and other assets. This allows the user to control ownership rights, data integrity and compliance with copyright. Added features for simplification of content management include an adaptor for Adobe Experience Manager.

Stibo Workflows

Stibo workflows are preconfigured and automated. There are workflows for content creation, product data enrichment and channel syndication, and the principles behind their design are based on ongoing updates to industry best practice for productivity and efficiency. The overarching principle is to ease team working when onboarding or launching new products. Data quality management processes are powered by a business rules engine, so ERP integration is seamless, optimising other business processes.

Stibo Syndication

Stibo syndication conforms to the leading industry standards and makes sure all trading partners follow those guidelines. This encompasses performance optimisation for GDSN when onboarding and syndicating GS1 data formats and enhanced support and updates for all major data standards, such as BMECat and ETIM.

As Stibo product MDM integrates smoothly with its PDX system (of which, more details later), the product information syndicated is of a consistent formatting and high quality for any channel’s data standards and requirements.

Stibo Onboarding

Stibo Systems PIM for retail includes its PDX onboarding solution, which speeds the exchange of reliable and trusted product data between retailers (receivers) and the range of business partners who send information – principally, suppliers, distributors, and content service providers. This cloud-native onboarding solution can support content aggregation from multiple sources, so suppliers can augment product information with CSP content. It also allows them to map, transform and syndicate product data for unique retailers, based on their evolving requirements. Notifications alert suppliers to any required changes.

Stibo Migration

Stibo migration works on the underlying principle that effective master data management (MDM) mitigates several of the inherent risks when migrating product data from legacy systems. It partners with consulting companies (certified by Stibo Systems) who oversee system integrations to guarantee projects are successfully implemented and there is minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Using their industry knowledge, best practices, and data governance management, they ensure business objectives are met through best practice in discovery, cleansing, establishing golden records (by matching and linking) and auditing data before the ETL phase of the migration project.

Stibo Data Modelling

Stibo data modelling is notable in Stibo’s PIM for retailing, a user-friendly way to acquire, manage, and share consistent and reliable product data and content. It also provides underlying governance features. With preconfigured retail-specific data models, classifications, and taxonomy hierarchies, it can guarantee accurate and efficient product categorisation.

Stibo Support

Stibo support offers a range of support packages depending on needs, it deploys a team of experienced data experts to provide 24/7 support services, whatever the time zone. Stibo support also provides other service offerings, such as system health checks, infrastructure landscape reviews, and Oracle database administration.

Stibo integrations

Stibo integrations deploy cloud-based machine learning to integrate with retailers and brand manufacturers. Their product data syndication platform (known as PDX) collects information and can deliver to every channel.

Stibo partners

The Stibo partners program has four types of partnership: technology, advisory, and a two-tiered partnership system of consulting and alliance partners. There is an extensive list of partners, and all are experienced market leaders in their specialisms. Consulting partners offer system integration support to ensure successful project implementation, where the client’s project business objectives are met by applying innovative industry knowledge, best practices for software implementation and the development of robust data governance frameworks.

Stibo Systems’ partners are categorised by levels, which determine the degree of access they have to Stibo Systems technology, they are also included in shared marketing programs and conferences.

Stibo pricing

As with many vendors, Stibo pricing is dependent entirely on the requirements (size, sector, digital maturity, and so on) of the clients. It does not offer a free trial, nor is there a freemium version.

Stibo reviews

Stibo is regarded highly with regard to integrating master data across various domains without interfering with data authenticity and quality and is regarded as a deftly architected solution with in-depth capacities honed over years. Its strengths lie in its ease of dealing with exceptionally large catalogs using multiple vendors and their correspondingly heavy volume of product data. It is seen as user-friendly and, thus, easy to train and familiarise yourself with as a business user.

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