A cloud-based PIM platform working with brands to manage their product information efficiently and enable them to get to market quicker.

What is Pimberly?

Pimberly was founded in 2016 in the north of England and is currently headquartered in Manchester. As a part of its UK heritage, Pimberly has collaborated with the most innovative UK eCommerce companies.

What is Pimberly PIM? It is a cloud-based PIM platform working with brands to manage their product information efficiently and enable them to get to market quicker. The Pimberly product information management platform stores up to millions of product SKUs and is the single source of truth for all product data, videos, images, technical documents, 3D, service, installation and support across any language and geography.

What is Pimberly used for?

Pimberly is used by retailers, manufacturers and distributors wishing to create stronger relationships between product and customer by creating enriched shopping experiences. Its main selling points are the following:

Faster time to market – Pimberly users gain competitive advantage by releasing products to market early, Pimberly PIM cuts time significantly by centralising and automating the majority of product information processes.

Increased AOV – with easy to set up and clearly-defined product relationships customers are more likely to to their purchases with bundles which save them money or by purchasing complementary products.

Market reach – new channel set-ups take a few minutes using Pimberly PIM, so launching to marketplaces large and small can increase customers’ reach and brand profiles

Pimberly Features & Capabilities

Pimberly for eCommerce

There are several reasons why Pimberly and eCommerce go hand in hand. Rapid product onboarding allows businesses to increase SKU counts significantly. By automating around 80% of manual product data management processes. It is a simple process to set up new sales channels and tailor product data and digital assets to comply with varied omnichannel requirements. Validations can be set up to guarantee that all content is accurate and complete. There are immediate notifications for relevant team roles if information is missing so that content complies with SEO standards. Users can establish rules for occasions when overstocked SKUs should be pushed out to clearance or discounted when stock levels are too high. Pimberly’s Commerce Connector is an extensible and scalable microservice enabling real-time updates of product content on cloud-based eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify. Using the MACH (Microservice, API-first, Cloud-based, and Headless) data architecture framework, Pimberly for eCommerce can provide the continuous evolution needed to ensure their solution is agile, nimble, customer-centric, and future-proof. All the above add value to Pimberly PIM as a tool for ensuring that a customer’s eCommerce operations enable above standard performance in the crowded eCommerce ecosystem.

Pimberly PIM Solution

The Pimberly PIM solution offers specific capabilities to enhance efficiency, speed, and resource use:

  • APIs which permit automatic data feeds from unlimited data sources (internal and external
  • Easy and unlimited sales channels set up allowing businesses to extend brand reach and launch new products rapidly and frequently
  • A centrally controlled and stored golden record to guarantee 100% accuracy of all product data
  • Easily configurable deployment of product relationships and hierarchies to respond to customers’ business needs
  • Automated workflows and lifecycle stages throughout the solution

Pimberly PIM also offers the Commerce Connector, which allows customers to map complex data models in its PIM to the data model in the target platform. This enables it to send products and updates to a given web store without the need for custom code or business logic

The customer can configure the entire system once their account is set up. Customers can then amend any feature of the system using Pimberly’s online help facility.

Pimberly DAM Solution

Nowadays, digital assets are becoming more and more prominent, and Pimberly performs strongly in this area by:

  • Using a unique interface design to preview digital assets as displayed on channel
  • storing, organising, finding, retrieving, and sharing digital files from a centralised digital library.
  • Providing controlled access to digital assets including images, photos, creative files, video, audio, presentations, documents and more.
  • Offering fast-to-deploy and easy-to-use DAM interfaces for employees, clients, contractors, and other key stakeholders

Pimberly Workflows

Pimberly’s powerful workflow tools mean that product information and digital assets can be published to market quickly and effectively, as users can define all the necessary PIM workflows to complete tasks most efficiently workflow, and in the right order of priority. The Pimberly PIM visual workflows UI lets users design simple flowcharts to monitor product information and digital assets as they move towards channel readiness, from, completion to all requirements through to final approvals.

Pimberly Syndication

The ease of Pimberly syndication setup facilitates quick and straightforward automatic multi-channel publishing. can easily push out product data to: eCommerce, mobile, apps, resellers, marketplaces, in-store technology

Pimberly Onboarding

Pimberly onboarding ensures that each step of the sourcing process for product data runs smoothly. Pimberly PIM easily connects to all supplier, manufacturer, and data feeds – a key factor in ensuring speed of time to market.

Pimberly Migration

Pimberly migration is highlighted in its literature as being key to mapping out and understanding the journey to process enhancement and customer satisfaction. Pimberly takes what it calls a ‘layered’ approach to the process, to quickly identify, diagnose, and solve issues arising in the data model to avoid transferring the pitfalls to the new solution. It also emphasises stakeholder involvement in becoming familiar and confident with the system as Pimberly and partners roll out the migration implementation.

Pimberly Data Modelling

Pimberly data modelling allows users to deploy their own data models. This makes working across different businesses easier and reflects the fact that businesses in this area are constantly changing and growing over time. Pimberly data modelling enables a system which is adaptable and flexible as a reflection of the ever more complex needs of large product-centric businesses in retail, manufacturing, and distribution.

Pimberly Support

Pimberly support is adaptable to the needs and circumstances of the customer. Each PIM plan has support included, and if needs exceed this level of support, it is possible to arrange further support.

Pimberly integrations

Pimberly integrations very much work on the principle that a PIM solution must be capable of ‘talking’ to internal systems like ERP, warehousing, inventory, and e-commerce, apart from connections with external systems (suppliers, manufacturers, resellers, designers and so on). Using a simple UI, Pimberly integrations allow users to decide what information they want to show to whichever system. This eliminates the need for complex and potentially labour-intensive IT changes.

Pimberly partners

Pimberly partners fall within the Pimberly Partnership Network and cover diverse areas such as: content management software, retail operations platforms, eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, eCommerce personalisation experts, digital transformation, and innovation strategists, omnichannel marketers, and business management consultants.

Pimberly pricing

Pimberly pricing falls into four brackets:

  • The Regular version, at $30,000 a year
  • The Pro version at $60,000 a year
  • The Corporate version, at $90,000 a year
  • The Enterprise version, which needs a customised quote

As is always the case, the four versions are determined by limits like number of SKUs, storage capacity, and number of users. Neither a free trial nor a free version is available.

Pimberly reviews

Pimberly reviews reflect a positive response to their PIM solution. User reviews highlights: capacity to work with large and complex product catalogs, high-quality support – Pimberly support teams are quick and highly responsive, support with pre-sales, scoping and deployment, ease of set-up.

It is perceived as ‘expensive,’ but this view is tempered by its extensive functionalities, making it competitive for the price point

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