Precisely Enterworks

Create, manage, and share trusted, differentiated product data—at the speed the market demands.

What is Precisely Enterworks?

Precisely Enterworks has over fifty years of expertise in data management. It is a global company with sales and support offices worldwide. The company’s mission is to help businesses achieve top-quality product and customer experiences by ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and contextualisation of product information. This enables better, faster, more confident business decisions based on a more extensive understanding of trusted data. Precisely Enterwork’s data expertise supports clients with a combination of strategic services, data enrichment and its powerful software. Precisely Enterworks services over 12,000 brands and global organisations, including 99 of the Fortune 100.

What is Precisely Enterworks used for?

When it comes to what Precisely Enterworks is used for, the platform offers Multi-Domain Experience Management, built on the convergence of its MDM, PIM, and DAM software. The Enterworks Platform is an enterprise-grade PIM, DAM, and MDM data hub to provide companies with the tools they require across all channels in the rapidly evolving digital economy. This suite of data integrity microservices powers differentiated and customised user experiences, essential for modern eCommerce. The flexibility of its modular approach meets the needs of product-centric businesses competing in a crowded market.

Precisely Enterworks Features & Capabilities

Enterworks for eCommerce

Precisely Enterworks eCommerce prides itself on being at the cutting edge of developments in digital, exemplified by three key focus areas: Expansion of eCommerce presence and capabilities – it enables companies to adopt multiple approaches to eCommerce to maximise performance and revenue DTC (or D2C) and emerging business models – allowing businesses to build direct relationships with end-user customers. This leads to more opportunities for sales strategies built round bundled and unbundled products, package types and sizes, and pricing and subscriptions Focus on omnichannel – using this component to create excellent omnichannel experiences, such as hyper-localised and personalised customer experiences.

Enterworks PIM Solution

The Precisely Enterworks PIM solution provides a comprehensive range of features to aggregate and manage product content across whatever business applications used. The Precisely Enterworks PIM offers a 360-degree solution for on-boarding, cleansing, synchronising, enriching, and syndicating product data:

  • Deployment of a Dynamic Data Model which adapts to business needs, rather than vice versa
  • faster and easier content creation when customising and contextualising, and previewing product content for all channels
  • content repository with unlimited data attributes alongside the capability to manage complex relationships among products, categories, and hierarchies
  • role-based user visualisations with security and audit logs to ensure accountability as versioning evolves
  • Application of established business rules for up to date and consistent sources of product content
  • core automation, syndication, and data quality features, alongside AI/ML, print automation, and portal technologies, enabling teams to work smart and fast

Enterworks DAM Solution

Precisely EnterWorks DAM solutions have full-featured capabilities, easing the management of unstructured content like images, videos, audio, documents, and templates. It provides centralised storage for all digital assets and data, which enables streamlining, storing, and categorising product-related files and information. Users can import metadata from images and configure custom fields for further actions like cross- and up-selling. Moreover, they can automatically generate as many image formats and resolutions as they require.

Enterworks Workflows

Precisely Enterworks workflows offer a robust set of tools to facilitate, automate, and ensure best practices in product data management and content flow and integration throughout all sources, applications, and teams. They also enable governance, develop multiple alerts and routings, alongside a robust data audit and user activity log.

Enterworks Syndication

The Precisely Enterworks syndication platform offers a range of key features allowing users to:

  • set criteria for product completeness when scheduling channel publication
  • devise marketing campaigns using the GANT chart function
  • configure a query system to push relevant product attributes and entities automatically to the correct digital channel destination

In terms of scalability, the Precisely Enterworks PIM supports multi-territory, multi-lingual, and culturally specific content. Businesses can automatically create geo-specific output files and publications that fit with local product regulations. 

Enterworks Onboarding

The Precisely EnterWorks onboarding portal allows users to create a workflow which stipulates product data standards for suppliers in addition to notifying internal teams when new products arrive. If missing data and other triggers emerge, these can be flagged for user attention. The precisely Enterworks onboarding portal uses a drag-and-drop interface to make collaboration much easier for internal and external business and technical users, allowing them to model even complex business processes.

Enterworks Migration

Precisely Migration and Optimisation Services overcome the challenges of a potential shutdown and keep systems live by performing the migration in the background or on a secondary server. For more complex migration projects, Precisely Enterworks migration draws on the guidance of expert consultancy services which focus not only on the detailed practicalities but on the strategic needs of the client.

Enterworks Data Modelling

Precisely Enterworks data modelling works from a dynamic data model, meaning that flexibility is built in. Separate models can be developed for different functions (such as business metadata) or different roles (business owner, data steward, etc). Thus, modelling can adapt to the requirements of the organisation rather than being static and immovable.

Precisely Enterworks Support

Precisely Enterworks support is provided by the Precisely Global Services platform, which has a range of paid for engagement options. These include: Implementation and maintenance: Precisely Enterworks have a partner network which provides expert support for both implementation and ongoing maintenance, with particular attention given to communication with stakeholders and strict adherence to the project governance structure Service teams guarantee 24/7 assistance and rapid response times Training services educate client users on best practices for managing and deploying the solution, as well as offering expert advice to optimise it and deliver higher ROI

Precisely Enterworks integrations

Precisely Enterworks integrations are designed to work with advanced eCommerce systems, GDSN, and other syndication networks, alongside a range of resource tools to ensure a smooth transition from back-end to customer.

Precisely Enterworks partners

Precisely Enterworks partners are covered by its Strategic Services. These offer a range of consultancy services for specific areas and focus on delivering measurable outcomes. Their role is to advise and listen to stakeholders and teams to clarify strategy, business cases and metrics which measure value delivered. Precisely Enterworks partners also include other global software and hardware companies which help PIM and MDM customers extend their competences in digital commerce.

Precisely Enterworks pricing

As is common practice for PIM vendors, Precisely Enterworks pricing is not provided, so businesses need to contact them to obtain a quote which reflects their needs.

Precisely Enterworks reviews

Precisely Enterworks reviews highlight several positive features of their all-in platform:

  • The tool itself is intuitive, flexible, and user-friendly
  • manages large amounts of attributes and integrations
  • easily connect to images and assets in the DAM
  • built to scale, so can accommodate multiple hierarchies and downstream system needs
  • Precisely Enterworks Workflow adds a security layer and user group dashboards are configurable, focusing user groups on priority items
  • Proactive and helpful sales team
  • Business user adoption is facilitated and supported, to achieve what is claimed to be the lowest total cost of ownership among PIM platforms

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