Its cloud-based, global SaaS structure solutions are designed for ecommerce merchants to merchandise and manage products from a single source of truth.

What is Jasper?

What is Jasper? Founded in 2010, Jasper is headquartered in Toronto, with sales offices in Austin, Texas. Jasper PIM provides product information management solutions in North America and across the globe. Its cloud-based, global SaaS structure solutions are designed for ecommerce merchants to merchandise and manage products from a single source of truth, and to enable automatic syncing of product information to ecommerce storefronts, marketplaces, and other sales channels.

What is Jasper used for?

Jasper PIM is targeted at all business sizes and types, from its small businesses with its Start-Up version, through its Growth and Pro versions, to the top-end Enterprise version, the most feature-rich and powerful solution for large businesses.

Online retailers in particular use the Jasper PIM tool and automate product listings by enabling users to set up products once & publish to multiple platforms, different languages & currencies. It enables companies to master product data and syndicate catalogs across multiple distribution channels. The centralised hub, with a ‘golden record’ of all product data feeds eCommerce websites, print catalogs, ERP systems and trading partners.

Jasper PIM focuses on:

  • guaranteeing absolute accuracy of product information
  • minimising time to market for new products and variants
  • optimising merchandising and SEO
  • building brand equity through high-quality, enriched information
  • Improving internal processes and optimising workflows with efficient onboarding, storage, enrichment, and syndication

Jasper Features & Capabilities

Jasper for eCommerce

Jasper and eCommerce are well-served through its capacity to organise and merchandise products with enriched content and a wide range of optimised media. It can also set promotional and seasonal pricing and pre-schedule content updates for automatic syndication to popular eCommerce channels.

Jasper’s capabilities also enable management of multiple brands and multi-language eCommerce storefronts Omnichannel is enhanced by Versions in the Jasper PIM solution. Users can curate adapted versions of product content and assign these versions to specific publication channels. For global eCommerce, each storefront and marketplace uses the same master product data stored in Jasper PIM in different languages

Jasper PIM Solution

The four versions offer flexibility for users with differing needs (more of which in the pricing section). Here are the main differences in range of features between the cheapest and most expensive versions:

The Small Business Start-Up version offers support for eCommerce merchants like Shopify, Square or BigCommerce, and is generally regarded as being good value for its price. Onboarding support is also available at a price. It is naturally a far more modest ‘introductory’ PIM for small businesses looking at strategic growth.

The top-end Enterprise version offers a greater number of SKUs and user licences and provides support for Shopify and BigCommerce storefronts as well as larger-scale marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

Enterprise customers, benefit from a dedicated cloud hosting environment, powered and fully managed by Jasper PIM, meaning faster user experience and GUI responsiveness Enhanced API performance Dedicated job queuing for rapid processing Flexibility over controlling timings for feature updates

Jasper DAM Solution

Jasper DAM solutions allow retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to store a large range of digital asset types inside the PIM. Users can set thumbnail images and control publication order of images, with individual titles and alternative text.

Jasper Workflows

In terms of Jasper workflows, there is a perceived recommendation to users to fully exploit all the functionalities it provides but which are underused. The example it uses is ‘Jasper Recipes’ , a feature which uses pre-build workflows based on frameworks or processes allowing users to run a series of commands in sequence to generate a desired piece of content rapidly. This scales content production. With the right Content Brief, it uses AI to generate multiple content formats, even providing one hundred ‘tone of voice’ samples for brand consistency.

Through its inheritance data model (see later), together with processes powered by AI/machine learning, optimised workflow management is clearly a key focus for Jasper PIM.

Jasper Syndication

Jasper syndication allows for pre-scheduled tasks such as when products are added to catalogs, or when they are modified. Jasper PIM will syndicate the information automatically to connected channels. This applies to promotional pricing too – prices can be set in advance, eliminating the need for manual entries.

Jasper Onboarding

As product data enters the Jasper PIM from spreadsheets, ERP, supplier feeds, or content providers and data pools, Jasper onboarding features check for anomalies and incomplete information. If importing new SKUs or updates to multiple fields and data points throughout an entire catalog, the Jasper PIM Import/Export Tool covers this. Security and integrity are highlighted in the Jasper onboarding process, so CSVs are validated several times and in different ways to make sure there is no danger of importing corrupted data.

Jasper Migration

Jasper migration is serviced by agency partners with consulting companies (certified by Jasper) who oversee system integrations to guarantee projects are successfully implemented with minimal disruption. These partners ensure business objectives are met through best practice in discovery, cleansing, establishing golden records (by matching and linking) and auditing data before the ETL phase of the migration project.

Jasper Data Modelling

Jasper data modelling has been designed to be flexible, in order to allow users to manage complex attribute sets and other product data in bulk, using its intuitive inheritance model. A welcome by-product is the corresponding reduction in data redundancy.

The Jasper PIM houses a full range of category management tools, so users can develop independent category schema for each publication channel, hierarchical structures, SEO data including image, description, and metadata.

Jasper Support

Jasper pricing also offers a $999 package, with access to any of its four products for two weeks. It includes five hours of one-on-one consultation with a Jasper PIM expert, product training, and a customised plan for business growth. Jasper’s ongoing support is served by its Jasper help centre, where customers can log a question or issue with the support team. The other two areas of Jasper support are the Jasper knowledge base (with login for customers) and a blog section on its website with information and advice about product information management.

Jasper integrations

As a leading ecommerce SaaS platform, Jasper PIM can combine with a number of third-party providers and services. For example: · The Jasper PIM and BigCommerce connection – using built-in API connection, users can easily power thousands of product changes on its BigCommerce platform.

It has similar integrations with other large platforms like Shopify, Magento, and Shopify Plus (largely B2B). Jasper PIM uses the RESTful API model, which can basically connect to any external system, making it easier to build custom connectors to read and write Jasper PIM data. That lets users syndicate product data to custom storefronts as well as the common external marketplaces. Users can also connect an external ERP to create new products in Jasper PIM and control their inventory and pricing.

Jasper partners

The three types of Jasper partners provide a full range of support for PIM implementation and beyond:

Agency partners, who evaluate the product information management needs of eCommerce operators and who only refer Jasper PIM if it is a good fit (solution agnostic)

Platform partners offer solutions for the Jasper PIM to integrate with the highest-quality eCommerce platforms, so that customers can select a platform which will best serve them for now and for their future developments. Jasper adds new platform partners on an ongoing basis.

Jasper’s Technology partners offer the latest, cutting-edge product information management tools so that the Jasper PIM is as innovative as possible, adding to its range of functionalities to as to increase the range of customisation for its customers.

Jasper pricing

Jasper pricing works on a subscription basis and naturally depends on which of the four versions on offer a customer chooses:

  • Its Start-Up begins at $199/month (with support by email) with a maximum of five channel integrations
  • The Growth version costs $999/month (support by email) with unlimited channels
  • The Pro version starts at $1,999/month (minimum term: 12 months – email and phone support)
  • The Enterprise version (12 months minimum) requires a conversation with Jasper’s sales team. Support is by email, phone, and a dedicated account manager
  • Jasper reviews

    Jasper reviews are generally positive on the major PIM software review sites.

    G2 gives it an overall five-star rating with user comments highlighting: ‘Excellent software,’ ‘outstanding support’ and ‘extremely easy set up.’ It is praised for the user experience, and strong range of PIM functionalities.

    Capterra gives the same five-star score, and reviews highlight the ease of use by setting up a Shopify connection in only fifteen minutes. Some user reviews note that better video tutorials are needed and step by step examples would also help for some of the more complex functionalities.

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