An all-in-one platform for content management, eCommerce, digital marketing, and integration.

What is Dynamicweb?

Founded in 1999, Dynamicweb is a Danish company, headquartered in Viby, Denmark, with offices in Los Angeles and Singapore. It offers an all-in-one platform for content management, eCommerce, digital marketing, and integration. This enables brand manufacturers, retailers, and distributors to deliver optimal digital customer experiences, as well as scaling eCommerce volume through the Dynamicweb Content Management, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, and Product Information Management solutions. Dynamicweb targets middle- to large-size companies in retail, distribution, and manufacturing with a strategic focus on their eCommerce business. It offers turnkey solutions for a variety of business challenges. The solutions accelerate implementation through standard integrations and solution concepts like configuration for complex selling.

What is Dynamicweb used for?

Dynamicweb PIM is a cloud-based e-commerce suite for online marketing and sales, as well as content management for B2C and B2B customers. It is aimed at mid- to large-size companies with a strategic focus on eCommerce, and its built-in set of tools allowsusers to manage all aspects of a product portfolio – catalogs, SKUs, variants, and new launches. It is used for managing all types of web content. It is user friendly and is suitable for deploying personalised product experiences on multiple sites, as well as being mobile-optimised.

Dynamicweb Features & Capabilities

Dynamicweb for eCommerce

Dynamic and eCommerce are a good fit, as the Dynamicweb PIM solution is able to scale eCommerce distribution with advanced features like:

  • Ordering portal
  • Real-time stock inventory
  • Real-time pricing
  • Multiple shops with individual branding
  • International set-up (with local currencies and delivery)

The UX is optimised with search capabilities for filtering, upselling and cross selling. And business users can also preview content directly in a live eCommerce environment.

Dynamicweb PIM Solution

The Dynamicweb PIM solution has a user-friendly approach to the holistic product information management tool it offers.
It provides features such as:

  • a 360° overview of product data
  • flexible data structure, data quality,
  • digital asset management
  • multi-language potential
  • real-time inventory and pricing management

The Dynamicweb PIM sells itself on being flexible and easy to use, offering applications and integrations with systems like ERP and CRM, as well as channel connectivity. It is straightforward and rapid to implement and maintain and offers both frontend and backend access.

Dynamicweb DAM Solution

Dynamic DAM solutions does not offer a full-feature digital asset manager, but it has a media and files management facility which can

  • upload files and folder content
  • resize images
  • use its browser-based image editor
  • create thumbnails automatically
  • provide meta data tagging
  • publish files and image galleries

Dynamicweb Workflows

Dynamicweb Workflows can be managed within their PIM. They permit users to manage product data workflows across departments. Additionally, Dynamicweb workflows enable product versioning, inheritance, categories, bulk edits and simplified data imports and exports.

There is a workflow engine to support these processes, helping users to easily identify areas needing attention. It also allows users to create customised dashboards, widgets, and workflows. Finally, just in case, it can save all previous versions for purposes of comparison and roll-back.

Dynamicweb Syndication

Dynamicweb syndication tools offer Proof (preview) of product content directly in the live eCommerce environment, as well as distributing links to colleagues and business partners to speed approval times.

Customers can use integrated CMS and Marketing platform capabilities, and can open the integrations framework for any third-party systems and solutions

Dynamicweb Onboarding

Dynamicweb onboarding capabilities enable seamless onboarding of product data from suppliers, ERP and, most recently, its new Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) / GS1 connector, which enables fast transfer of product data from within the GDSN network.

Dynamicweb Migration

Dynamicweb migration is supported by its partnerships with certified consulting companies overseeing the migration sub-project to guarantee it is successfully implemented with minimal disruption. Partners collaborate closely with clients to ensure business objectives are met through best practice in discovery, cleansing, establishing golden records (by matching and linking) and auditing data before ETL takes place.

Dynamicweb Data Modelling

Like all modern PIMs, Dynamicweb data modelling deploys a flexible data structure, enabling a fully configurable platform which can be modified and extended to support different business processes. It is based on .NET technology.

Dynamicweb Support

Dynamicweb support comes in the form of Standard Support for all licence holders. This covers standard implementation, operational support, and best practice for set-up. Dynamicweb assistance is paid for, and addresses more complex issues such as custom upgrades and online training

Dynamicweb integrations

Dynamicweb marketplace add-ons and extensions in the following areas:

  • eCommerce services
  • ERP integration
  • Product experience
  • Analytics and insights
  • SEO and site optimisation

Dynamicweb partners

There are four types of Dynamicweb partners:

  • Premium solution partners
  • Solution partners
  • Associate partners
  • Technology partners

They variously deal with areas like: business process definition and improvement, technology and software solutions, 
business and marketing strategy creation and implementation

The Dynamicweb partner network is extensive and covers all areas of PIM implementation and optimisation.

Dynamicweb pricing

Dynamicweb pricing is subscription-based, and starts at US$1,500.00/user/month There is no information about pricing on the site, but the best option would be to contact them directly for a customised quote. There is no free version, but a free trial is available, either self-service or guided.

Dynamicweb reviews

Dynamicweb reviews are generally very positive, and the following views appear widely:

  • Offers quality and out-of-the-box functionality for developing eCommerce, PIM, and CMS
  • Intuitive for users
  • Versatility of functionalities
  • Customer service is noted more than once as needing attention
  • Overall, “a solid suite of tools that enables business to succeed online”

G2 scores it at 4.1
Gartner Peer Insights scores it at 4.3
SaaSWorthy scores it at 4.0

Dynamicweb competitors

  • Sitecore experience platform
  • Sana Commerce
  • WordPress
  • Oracle Marketing
  • Schedule Marketing Suite

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